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EDIT JUNCTION is a New Delhi based Pre to Post Production Company providing exceptional expertise and services for film, television, and new media to production Units from all over the Globe.A high level of practical experience combined with technical expertise, know-how, and strong work ethics characterizes our creative talents. We possess fortitude of sprite and creative expression necessary to insure excellence in fulfilling the promise of providing exceptional pre to post-production services for Film, Video, and New Media to our clients.

EDIT JUCTION is the Brain-Child of Ruby Singh Sehrawat. He after graduating from Vancouver Film School in 1996 and working for several years in North America and across 17 countries spanning the Globe, was keen on Organizing & Corporatizing the vast Human Talent available in India while integrating the professionalism of North American Work Culture and Technology from across the Globe. His Vision to make New Delhi a hub for Professional, Artistic, Technological and Innovative Film makers led to the establishment of EDIT JUNCTION.

EDIT JUNCTION is now a Team of highly Talented, Creative professionals who work round the clock throughout the year striving to project your creative imagination on screen. A Team of extremely talented individuals, Competitive Pricing and Creative Ambiance is what set's up apart.

EDIT JUNCTION has a mission to provide our clients with an affordable and Talented Creative Team consisting of Top-notch Video and Film Production Professionals, Crews, Writers, Technical Advisers, Acting Talent, Voice-over Talent, Editors, Graphic Artists, 2D/3D Animators, and Musical Composers. Our Post- Production facility is comprised of state of the art digital non-linear editing equipment is run by a dedicated core of Talented, Creative, and Experienced staff on site.

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Corporate Head Office : A -11, Shivalik, New Delhi 110017 Telephone : 011 - 41830087 , 41830089 , +91 9899087550 , 9999923309